About Us 

SEEDS Educational Services was established in 1987 by Stacy Everson, R.N. in response to the growing number of sexual abuse cases involving people with developmental disabilities. Research indicates that people with developmental disabilities are at high risk of being sexually and physically abused. When Ms. Everson inquired about what was being done to teach people with developmental disabilities how to protect themselves and prevent sexual assault, she learned that no agencies existed to provide preventative services and took action. 

For over 30-years Ms. Everson has enlisted self-advocates to serve as speakers, partnered with volunteers, and worked with various educational consultants to help create, implement, and evaluate curricula specializing in personal safety for people with developmental disabilities. 

SEEDS Educational Service continues to educate nation-wide and collaborate with organizations and  various agencies that support people with developmental disabilities. 

Our Team

Stacy F. Everson, R.N., CLFE, CDDN

Stacy Everson is a registered nurse and is nationally certified in Family Life Education (CFLE) and Developmental Disabilities (DDNA). She has been working in the San Diego area since 1987 teaching social- sexual education, assertiveness, abuse awareness/prevention, and developmental disability syndromes to people with developmental disabilities and a variety of service providing agencies, such as Adult and Child Protective Services. She serves as an expert witness in court cases. Stacy Everson is an international speaker on the topics of sexuality and abuse of people with developmental disabilities.

Speaking Staff: Tawnya, Stacy, Heather

Tawnya Ormsbee has been affiliated with SEEDS Educational Services since March of 2000. She was brought to SEEDS as a survivor of sexual assault and now works to empower others through public speaking, writing, and assistant teaching in social-sexual education classes.  Inspired by personal experience, she became a self-advocate and developed the following series of interactive short stories. Through her stories Tawnya hopes to influence people to talk about abuse and to stay safe.

Heather Clemmons works on special projects for curriculum development. She is a self-advocate and national speaker on disabilities and abuse awareness. 

Our Mission

SEEDS Educational Services, Inc. 501(c)3 is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to assist people with intellectual disabilities to build meaningful relationships by relating effectively with others in their community.